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Captain Falcon
2430697-275px captainfalcongp

Captain Falcon, as seen in The Anime.
Machine name: Blue Falcon
Age: 36F-Zero X

37F-Zero GX

First game: F-Zero (1990)
Creator(s): Takaya Imamura[1][2]
Voiced by (English):

David Wills

Voiced by (Japanese):

Hideyuki Tanaka

Captain Falcon (キャプテン・ファルコン Kyaputen Farukon?), also known as Bart Lemming/Andy Summers, is a character in F-Zero: GP Legend.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Unlike in the video games, "Captain Falcon" is a title given to a person. Throughout most of the anime Bart Lemming (later revealed to be Andy Summers, Jody Summer's long lost brother) held this title until he "died", then it was passed onto Ryu Suzaku (Rick Wheeler) during the last episode. The character of Captain Falcon is generally seen as the reluctant hero. Regardless of whether he is still an active bounty hunter, he is still feared by many criminals, especially in Port Town. Rumor has it that he has retired since the last racing season and has opened a small shop in Mute City. Although he does not appear in every episode, he plays a significant role in the series: his main goal is to stop the efforts of the Dark Million Organization.


His outfit is a combination of a flight suit and body armor. It consists of blue pants, blue form-fitting armor and a red helmet as well as a single pauldron on his right shoulder. When Captain Falcon removes his helmet, it is obvious that he has a scar above his left eye. His hair color light brown in the anime cartoon F-Zero GP Legend. He has brown eyes in the anime, but it is not obvious what color his eyes are in the video games.

As his secret identity, Bart Lemming, he wears a waiter's uniform with a red tie.

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