Crazy bear

Crazy Bear

Pilot: Dr. Clash

Due to Clash's experiences with the huge crash four years ago, Dr. Clash designed the Crazy Bear to include very stringent safety standards. Many of his fans criticize this decision, as it left the machine with few advantageous racing attributes. Although the body is solid and boasts above average boost ability, the machine is incredibly difficult to handle on turns.

  • Number: 29
  • Creator: Dr. Clash
  • Engine: CL05-S16x3
  • Weight: 2220 kg
  • Body: A
  • Boost: B
  • Grip: E


  • Dr. Clash believes that, in an interview, the Crazy Bear needs improvement.
  • In F-Zero X, the Crazy Bear has eyes painted on the front. However, in F-Zero GX the eyes are replaced with the machine's name written in red. No reason is given for this.

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