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Death Anchor

The Death Anchor was originally an interplanetary ballistic missile designed by the Galactic Space Federation. It was stolen and remodeled into a F-Zero machine by the secret society, Deathriddle. The missile was originally designed to be the ultimate weapon, for that reason it still has a self-destruct device inside, a fact that is unknown to Zoda, who pilots the machine.

Fortunately for other racers, Zoda's tendency to kill everyone in a race is offset by the Death Anchor's poor body. The machine sports a high top speed and great boost ability, making it popular for time trial runs.

  • Number: 13
  • Creator: Deathriddle
  • Engine: ZZ-2236x1
  • Weight: 1620kg
  • Body: E
  • Boost: A
  • Grip: C

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