F0Arrange Edition-front

Front cover of arranged edition.

F-Zero X Guitar Arrange Edition is the video game music soundtrack from the futuristic racing game F-Zero X for the Nintendo 64 video game console developed and produced by Nintendo. The album contains guitar arranged musical tracks from the game by Ryuichi Katsumata. It was released on January 27, 1999 in Japan by Media Factory/Player's Planet bearing the catalogue number ZMCX-101.


The soundtrack is made out of a single disc with ten tracks in total.

Disk 1 (36:43)

Liner Notes

01. The Long Distance of Murder (死の逃亡者)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

02. Drivin' Through on Max (全開の果てに)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

03. Crazy Call at Cry (狂った叫びでしか泣けない男)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

04. Title BGM (タイトルBGM)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

05. Decide in the Eyes (おまえの目が語るもの)

  • Composition: Naoto Ishida
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata / Taro Bando

06. Climb Up! And Get the Last Chance! (駆け上がれ!そして勝利をつかめ!)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

07. Endless Challenge (果てしなき挑戦)

  • Composition: Yumiko Kameya
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata / Taro Bando

08. Dream Chaser (ドリーム・チェイサー)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

09. Grand Prix Ending (グランプリ・エンディング)

  • Composition: Taro Bando
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata

10. Staff Roll (スタッフロール)

  • Composition: Hajime Wakai
  • Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata


Arrangement: Ryuichi Katsumata, Taro Bando

Guitar: Takayuki Hijikata (1,8,9), Hiroshi Imaizumi (2,3,6,7), Nozomi Furukawa (4,5), Akira Wada (10)

Bass: Tomohito Aoki (1,8,9), Masahiko Rokukawa (2,3), Hideki Matsubara (4,5,10), Naoki Watanabe (6,7)

Sax: Masato Honda (10)

Percussion: Mataro (10)

Drums: Soul Toul

Keyboard: Ryuichi Katsumata

Composition: Taro Bando (1,2,3,4,6,8,9), Hajime Wakai (10), Yumiko Kameya (7), Naoto Ishida (5)

(Bando's arrangement credit relates to the original game soundtrack, not the arrangements on this album)


  • It seems that in the booklet there has been a misprint. The mugshot of James McCloud on the 9th page clearly is Pico's face.
  • In the center of the booklet is a picture of the Blue Falcon, partly showing the inside of the vehicle. This picture is also viewable on the Start Screen of F-Zero X Expension Kit for 64DD.

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