Kent Akechi's machine, The Falcon MK-2.

  • Max Speed Normal: 448 km/h
  • Max Speed Boost: 573
  • Boost Time (sec.): 7.2
  • Body Strength (/100): 66
  • Turn Performance: C
  • Turn Balance: B

This Machine's Pilot, Kent Akechi, claims to be the Son of Captain Falcon, and if this claim is true, this is the Blue Falcon in the future. (Or at least an Up-Graded copy of the Blue Falcon.)


This is a well-balanced machine with few weaknesses.

Just be aware of your surroundings. Heavier machines piloted by the CPU and savvy players will try to ram this machine into the wall because the combination of being hit by those vehicles and being slammed into the wall will deal critical damage to this machine.

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