The Green Amazone is one of the four vehicles available in BS F-Zero Grand Prix and BS F-Zero Grand Prix 2. It has fast acceleration but it's hard to turn.


BS F-Zero Green Amazone
BS F-Zero GP
  • Number: Unknown
  • Made By: Unknown
  • Engine: GA15B x 1
  • Max Power: 1,270 ps
  • Max Speed: 450 km/h
  • Weight: 890 kg



  • Green Amazone draws a parallel to the Golden Fox from the original F-Zero, since they both have high acceleration and the lowest base speed of their respective games.
  • Of the eight playable machines in the Super NES F-Zero games, Green Amazone is the fastest to reach its top speed. It achieves this in 3.78 seconds according to the in-game timer.

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