Groovy Taxi

The Groovy Taxi is an F-Zero machine piloted by PJ.


The machine was renovated from an ordinary interplanetary taxi. Even though the cockpit seats four, the Groovy Taxi's grip rating is high, making it very easy to control. However, reckless driving is not tolerated in the taxi industry, and so, naturally, the Groovy Taxi lacks superior boost capability. The machine has a meter in it like any other taxi, which calculates the fare for each race when finished.


  • Number: 38
  • Creator: PJ
  • Engine: CY94-H2x2+NG-C32x2
  • Weight: 1280 kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: D
  • Grip: B


  • The Groovy Taxi may be a reference to the "Crazy Taxi" series owned by Sega who also worked on F-Zero GX.


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