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Hyper speeder

Hyper Speeder

The Hyper Speeder was discovered by Beastman while he was killing alien beasts in a jungle. The old fighter craft had long ago been gunned down in an old interplanetary war. Beastman took the old ship to Dr. Clash and had the ship redesigned into an F-Zero machine. Unlike Clash's heavier machine, the Hyper Speeder boasts excellent grip, average boost, and defensive armoring.

  • Number: 18
  • Creator: Dr. Clash
  • Engine: FGS-G105Sx3
  • Weight: 1460 kg
  • Body: C
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: A


The cockpit and air intakes of the Hyper Speeder appear to be inspired by an F-15 Eagle.

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