Machine name: Great Star
Age: 43
First game: F-Zero X (1998)
Voiced by (English):

Anime - Wayne Grayson

Voiced by (Japanese):

Anime - Yasunobu Iwata

Mr. EAD is an android who competes as an F-Zero pilot in the F-Zero tournaments. He makes his debut in the series in F-Zero X.


Mr. EAD is an android created by the mysterious development group EAD. His objective in this Grand Prix is to complete the final testing phase for his IQ and AI programming. After his run on the last F-ZERO Grand Prix, he endured many trials: combat training, spy activities, college exams and many others. If all of his capabilities function as calculated, there should be nothing that can keep him from winning the Grand Prix. His victory will signify the birth of a flawless Android. His favorite food is Italian.

Great Star

Great Star

His creators entered him into the F-Zero Grand Prix of 2670 as his final testing phase to see if his programming was finally complete. When Captain Falcon instead won the Grand Prix, Mr. EAD was put into further training. He was entered into the Grand Prix the next year. His creators believe that if his capabilities function as calculated, nothing should keep him from winning - which will signify the creation of a perfect android.

In many ways he is a clone of Mario, he has a mustache, a star on his belt, and likes Italian food. Also in F-Zero GX, during an interview, he claims that he wants to wear overalls every day, which is a reference to Mario as well. In episode 21 "Battle of the Women!!" in the anime, he also dresses as Princess Peach in an effort to disguise himself as a woman along with Rick Wheeler and Jack Levin. This further cements the reference.

The name Mr. EAD is most likely a reference to Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development (Nintendo EAD).



Something is kinda peachy about this...

  • Surprisingly, Mr. EAD's stats are E, A, and D.
  • The star as the belt buckle may relate to how the stars look like in the Mario series.
  • In Episode 21 of the anime, EAD dresses up in a costume similar to Princess Peach from the Mario franchise.

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