Mr. Zero is the official announcer of all F-Zero events. He first appeared in the F-Zero Opening Comic, his
Mr. Zero F-Zero manual

Mr. Zero in his first appearance

first in-game appearance was in F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX (voiced by Jack Merluzzi), but his voice can be heard during the countdown of F-Zero X.

Mr. Zero interviews the drivers for questions like his/her motivation for racing, or what he/she thinks of the other characters. Sometimes he will ask for an autograph that will be sorted to a lucky viewer. When in the presence of evil drivers, like Black Shadow or Deathborn, he trembles in fear.

In F-Zero (outside the comic) and F-Zero Maximum Velocity, Mr. Zero is replaced by a robotic announcer. It is unknown why he dosn't announce the races himself in F-Zero, as he is present.


Mr. Zero is a cyborg, with green hair and a turquoise suit. His enhancements are goggles and a microphone, prehaps aiding in announcing the races. Depending on the difficulty level the player finishes the Grand Prix, Mr. Zero will be wearing a different suit.

(Green for Novice, Purple for Standard, Light Purple for Expert, and White for Master.)

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