Pink Spider

The Pink Spider is an F-Zero machine piloted by Dai, San, and Gen, that was introduced in F-Zero AX and later the console version F-Zero GX.


The Pink Spider was designed by Professor Tsumo Reach, a huge fan of gambling, and uncle to the triplets that pilot the machine. Individual cockpits have been designed for Dai, San, and Gen, and ejection seats have been added to all of them in the case of an emergency. Due to the crescent moon-shaped balancers, called "spider legs," that are fixed to both sides of the machine, it has excellent grip capabilities.


  • Number: 33
  • Creator: Tsumo Reach
  • Engine: MJ-1192x3
  • Weight: 1,100 kg
  • Body: C
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: A


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