F-Zero X Sliding Boostsliding00:10

F-Zero X Sliding Boostsliding

Power sliding was a Tecunice Introduced in F-zero X and can only be used In f-zero X and F-xero X climax. With the Intention to dramatictly increase speed on turns.

How to preform

To power slide simply set your machine settings toward

the acceleration side. The more the slider is set to max acceleration the more speed the user will gain tremendous speed (Usally the machines top speed on max speed setting) when going into a drift in a few short seconds.


  1. ===Boost sliding===

           To boost slide simply boost(Statigicly) when power sliding.

     2. Wall Riding

            Wall riding is when the user will powerslide into a wall on a straight away form more speed though at                   the cost of losing some power

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