The Rolling Turtle is an F-Zero machine piloted by QQQ.


Phoenix constructed the Rolling Turtle from a man-made military satellite that had been discarded in a galactic waste-management facility. He turned the parts into an F-Zero machine so that his partner, QQQ, could man it to provide mission support. Because it was originally constructed with highly durable parts for military purposes, Phoenix has absolute confidence in the body strength of the Rolling Turtle.


  • Number: 39
  • Creator: Phoenix
  • Engine: SS-A310-CTx4
  • Weight: 999 kg
  • Body: A
  • Boost: D
  • Grip: B


  • The weight of the Rolling Turtle seems to defy the body strength laws of F-Zero. Despite weighing 999kg (2197.8 lb), it has an A in body strength.
    • The Great Star has a reverse manner; despite weighing 1870kg (4114 lb), it has an E in body strength.


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