"Snaking" or "Dakou" is a technique which appears in F-Zero GX. It is made as a way to gain a major boost in speed as long as the specific machine has the necessary elements (heavy weight, strong boost, etc.). The settings must be set to max acceleration in order for this to work. Overall the idea is sliding in an erratic, swerve-like pattern and this will make the machine go faster. Boosting will add up to the speed and maximum speed can exceed 2000-3000+ km/h. According to Nintendo, snaking was actually an addition to the gameplay, which means it was not a glitch or anything specially "discovered". Although snaking can generally make many things of the game easier, it is essentially difficult to perform, and may cause aching to the hand.
F-Zero GX- Snaking02:25

F-Zero GX- Snaking

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