Spaceflying is a technique that first appeared in F-Zero X (although it didn't get its name until F-Zero GX). Spaceflying is difficult in F-Zero X, thumb|324px|rightbut much easier in F-Zero GX. The two best machines for that are the Maximum Dragon (Speedy Dragon + Maximum Star + Euros-01) and the Paper Craft (Speedy Dragon + Garnet Phantom + Sunrise 140), as they are gaining hight faster. Usually light machines with high grip are good for this. There are also two non-custom machines who can perform spaceflying, Super Piranha and Death Anchor. Find a track with a profitable flying distance (e.g. Port Town Long Pipe) and get off a ledge. As you fly off, hold L+Left, then shift back to R+Right. Alternate back and forth in semicircles to spacefly, so you can hover over checkpoints for an easy win. However, if you pass a checkpoint (you'll be notified by a group of yellow arrows), you must fly back above that checkpoint to pass it, or you'll retire upon landing. Like snaking, you have to be on/near max accel to do this, and too much of this technique can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

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