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Spark MoonAX

Spark Moon

The Spark Moon is an F-Zero machine piloted by Princia Ramode.


The Spark Moon was developed using the advanced technology of the planet Magica, and it was specifically designed so that even Princia Ramode could post decent results in her first Grand Prix attempt. To avoid any risk of injury to Princia during the race, the most cutting-edge safety systems were installed. The artificial-intelligence database implemented into this machine was formulated with control-technique data from the most famous F-Zero pilots in history. Despite what the Machine stats say this machine handles very diffrently from the Blue Falcon. It slides extremly easly, a little unstable control, but great cornering ability. Sadly this machine can not snake.


  • Number: 36
  • Creator: Princia Ramode's Vassals
  • Weight: 1630 kg
  • Body: B
  • Boost: C
  • Grip: B


  • Actually plays nothing like the blue falcon.


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