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In F-zero Gx and X vehcials have an E-A grading system based on stats such as Body (How much damage the machine can take), Boost (How much energy a boost uses and how powerful are the Boosts), and Grip (How the machine handels) are all factored. Yet many profesional players have found that many of the stats lie. For example the Fat Shark has an B on boost yet it has the best in the entire game. Another example of lieing stats would be the Black Bull the game says that it has an A on body yet it has an average body strength. Or the Wild Goose where the game says it has a C on grip when it has some of the worst handling in the entire game. On top of that stats like acceleration and max speed are never shown.

Grading Scale

There are multiple rankings where a Machine can be graded on. This Scale will use and E,D,C,B,A,S. Some stats may be have an F rating if Possible though custom machines are more likely to recive an F rating than a regular machine


Body is graded upon how many a mines a machine can take when its boost is maxed out: 

  • 4 Bombs Survived
  • 5 Bombs Survived= E
  • 6 Bombs Survived= D
  • 7 Bombs Survived= C
  • 8-9 Bombs Survived= B
  • 10-12 Bombs Survived= A
  • 13+ Bombs Survived= S

Boost Cumsomption

Boost cumsumptions is graded by how many complete boosts a machine can take without completely depleting its energy.

3 Full boosts=E

4 Full Boosts=D

5 Full Boosts =C

6 Full Boosts =B

7 Full Boosts =A

8 Full Boosts =S

Boost strength

Boost strenght is determened by the speed boost given by a single boost







Max speed

Max speed is detremined by how fast a machine is at its top speed

<1000 KPH=F








Acceleration is determined by how many seconds it takes a machine to reach its top speed

4 sec=S

5 sec=A

6 Sec=B

7 Sec=C

8 Sec=D

9+ Sec=E


Stability is decided by how sensitive a machine is too turning by the control stick(NOTE this stat here may not make or break a machine  this is just up to the user).

S= very consistant never changes in turning

A= stable but may turn sharply at a certain thershold

B= stable but may be shakey after turning from a high speed or bounching of a wall

C= stable but can be unstable at various times

D= shakey 

E= shakey very hard to control


Cornering is the most important stat the comes into the handling type stats as it determins how well a machine can turn.

S= can make most sharp turns like in stages like areopolice multiplex or Big blue ordeal. with out drifting or sharp turning or breaking perfectly

A= can make most sharp turns with out sharp turning or driting or breaking

B= Can make most sharp turns with out breaking

C= Can make most sharp turns using breaking, drifting, or sharp turning.

D= using most tequnices the machine may have a hard time taking turns

E= regardles of how what basic tequnice is used the machien will have a hard time turning

F= machine is required to drifit to make a normal turn


Traction is determined at what speed and what kind of turn the machine will skid and lose some speed.

E=Slides on the simplest turns at normal speeds

D= Slides on simple turns when boosting

C= Slides on either sharp turns or normal turns at high speeds

B= Slides on very sharp turns 180* or a sharp turn at a very high speed

A= Slides on the most sharp turns in excess of 360* or a 180* at speeds in excess of 2000KPH

S= Almost never slides under any condition.


Snaking is determined by the speed boost given and the amount of control the machien has when snaking

F- Cant snake at all

E- Not worth snaking

D-Small benefit from snaking but may be hard

C- Average snaking ability

B- Snaking ability execceding 1600KPH

A- Snaking ability exceeding 2000KPH

S- Snaking ability exceeding 2400KPH

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