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This was the second game in the Super Smash Bros. series. This game includes several new characters and features.
Among these features are the Event Match and Trophies.

Captain Falcon returns in this games, this time as a default character.


In this game Captain Falcon has two stages related to him the first being Mute City and the second being Big Blue. In the Adventure Mode there is another stage F-zero themed called F-Zero Grand Prix in wich players have to reach the ending line while avoiding the F-Zero racers, and afther that they have to K.O. Captain Falcon.


The game have nine F-Zero related trophies, among them are trophies of Jody Summer, Dr. Stewart and Samurai Goroh. Mute City also appears as a Trophie.

==Event Matches==


The Male Wire Frame and Red Alloy were modeled after Falcon; having some of the exact same attacks. The Wire Frame and Alloy also look like Falcon

The game Mach Rider, that is considered by some fans as a predecessor of F-zero makes an appearance as a trophie, and the music from the game appears as a alternative music for the Big Blue stage.

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