The Legend Begins
F-Zero GP Legend episode 117:05

F-Zero GP Legend episode 1

First Episode

General Information
Original broadcast September 4, 2003
Series F-Zero: GP Legend
Season 1
Episode number 1
Production number 1
Overall number 1
Episode Guide
Next episode The Racer's Edge

In the year 2201, Rick Wheeler is awakened from cold sleep, nearly 150 years after his death. Rick meets new friends and remembers old enemies.


The episode starts at the back of the Dragon Bird, warming up to race. The F-Zero announcer announces that the Grand Prix is about to begin. Jody's voice is heard saying that the team must win, to stop the space pirates and to not try anything crazy. Rick asks how crazy with Jack Levin responding that Wheeler is crazy. The race then starts. Rick's engine power then gets in the green as he boosts forward into the lead, with Captain Falcon and Jack doing the same. The Big Fang, driven by Bio Rex sneaks up behind the Dragon Bird and bumping into it, with the Dragon Bird doing the same back that makes the Big Fang crash. Rick then says he's dealt with racers like that 150 years ago as a flashback happens.

The flashback shows a drag race car as it crosses the finish line. The racer gets out and takes off his helmet, revealing to be Rick. People then start to crowd him and a girl offers him flowers. The girl, revealing to be Misaki Haruka, grabs ahold of Rick's hand as he lets her stand on his car. The scene then changes to show Misaki waiting near a park for Rick. She then calls Rick and asks him when he'll get there. Rick replies saying he'll be there soon and the connection is then lost. Rick wonders how the connection is lost and then says that Misaki won't care. He then opens a small box, revealing to be an engagement ring.




  • Zoda (First Appearance)

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